D is for Dance

Dance, of course, is all about The Tango, which in all its complexity and sensuality, has become the global icon for Buenos Aires. We can debate where best to see a tango show, but this observer’s vote goes to tango as presented in a sophisticated, cabaret-style display at the Faena Hotel’s “Rojo Tango, ” and in a wonderfully restored mansion in San Telmo, El Querandi whose evening’s entertainment traces the history of the tango and of Buenos Aires itself. On the other hand, there is the Las Vegas-style glitzy spectacular (we wonder if every production has horses on stage) at “Senor Tango.” More classic tango is on the floor at the milongas, the dance halls, where regular portenos practice this quintessential Argentine art far into the night. There seem to be two ways for visiting beginners to join in: take either a “See Tango Tour” or a “Do Tango Tour,” complete with lessons.   During the Tango Buenos Aires Festival, prepare to be dazzled and danced off your feet at this thrilling city-wide celebration of All Things Tango. It is held annually in mid-August.   And while tango reigns, Argentina continues to produce world-class ballet dancers. Topping the list are Julio Bocca, who founded the globe-trotting Ballet Argentino and was a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theater for 20 years, and Paloma Herrera, who was also an American Ballet Theater principal for 24 years. Most recently, Herrera is the newly appointed Director of the Colon Theater Ballet.

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