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Who & what is William H. Coleman, Inc.?

William H, Coleman, Inc. is a Jacksonville, Florida based corporation that manages carefully targeted and specialized business development events in the Travel Industry.  The Company originally started in 1972 as a Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations firm.  Bill Coleman was retained to help launch the first Rendez-Vous Canada event in 1975, one of the first “computerized pre-scheduled appointments” events in the Travel Industry.  This experience led him to managing the creation of many other events using this format – now widely used throughout the world. The Company’s exclusive Select Match Pre-Scheduled Appointments System has been refined over the years to create what many Travel Industry executives believe is the most effective and efficient Trade Show format in the World.

What makes “Select Match” so different from any of the other “appointments systems” that are now “out there?”

Select Match success is directly related to the way in which “Buyers” and “Sellers” are registered for William H. Coleman, Inc. events.  A “ balanced business ratio” is carefully managed to make sure the number of Exhibitor Sellers does not overwhelm the number of registered and confirmed Buyer delegates.  This creates a situation where all the Seller/Exhibitors have an opportunity for a productive number of appointments, and Sellers do not constantly solicit Buyers.  This usually means there is a waiting list for Suppliers/Exhibitors at Coleman Incorporated Events.

How are the appointments actually scheduled?

The Select Match software first schedules appointments between the Buyers and Sellers who have asked for each other (Perfect Matches) then schedules Buyer Requests.  “Seller Only Requests” are NOT scheduled, eliminating “no-shows” and ensuring that appointments are productive.

Why do some people/organizations get more appointments than others?

The number of pre-scheduled appointments is based on several factors that are directly related to traditional marketing, sales, and promotion principles.  The “novelty” of having pre-scheduled appointments disappeared many years ago, and the most successful Sellers today aggressively request appointments and promote their products and services to Buyers during the “appointments requesting” process.  Many Buyers like to have “free” time during the Event, and they will arrange appointments “on-site.”  Successful Sellers “work the floor” during the Event, and always have staff available in the “Café” or in their booth/office/stand for “walk up” appointments.

Why are your Seller/Exhibitor and Buyer registration fees usually lower than “other events, and do not increase every year?”

Our registration and customer service systems are constantly improved to make them as efficient as possible, creating lower administrative and operations costs. (Over 90% of the delegates attending our Events “E-Register” on the Websites.) All Coleman Incorporated Events are also sponsored by extremely professional organizations that help underwrite many hosting expenses including housing, ground transportation, and food/social functions.

Why do you now provide delegates “CD or USB Drive Directories” instead of “Printed Directories?”

Delegates tell us that accessing the E Directories on the websites and receiving a CD Directory when they pick up their credentials “on-site” make it easier for them to access the marketing information and profiles of the companies and organizations that are attending. And, they don’t have to carry and “store” the older “printed” versions.

What is this “Hassle Free Guaranty” you keep talking about?

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our delegates to participate at our Events: Simplified Registration Forms and secure payment procedures on the websites; Immediate Registration Confirmation by E Mail or FAX; Regular E Mail Information and Product Updates; Instant Access to Customer Service Representatives by phone, FAX, and E Mail; The easy to use “Select Match” pre-scheduled appointments format; Prompt hotel accommodations confirmation and/or reservations information; Instant links to low airfares offered by participating airlines; Efficient Credentials Claiming procedures on-site; (We don’t like to ask you to wait!!!!!) A unique “working lunch” format; The “always open” Delegate Café; Shuttle bus and ground transportation that “operate on-time;” and, most important of all – A “We are glad you are here” attitude that means a warm welcome when you arrive at the airport, and at all business and social events!

Why do many companies and organizations attend William H. Coleman, Inc. events year after year?

We believe every delegate that attends our Events is a Travel Industry professional that has invested a significant amount of time and money to be with us, and that we have an obligation to make those investments as productive and valuable as possible. Owners, managers, and senior executives attend our Events, and we work very hard to make sure that they are not disappointed.  We take every one of our delegates’ success personally, and we work very hard to avoid disappointments, but when things do not go as well as planned – mistakes do happen – we try to “make it right” as quickly and as amicably as we can.

How do I contact someone if I have a question or problem?

The easiest and fastest way to reach us is by E Mail or call 800-874-2324 toll free in the USA & Canada, or 904-398-6777.

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