Supplier Exhibitor Kit

This Supplier Exhibit Information contains the general guidelines, Marketplace rules and instructions. Please review the information and contact our Customer Service Department at (904) 398-6777 or E Mail if you have any questions regarding the information.

All TravelMart LatinAmerica business activities will take place at
Centro de Convenciones Metropolitano Quito (CCMQ)
Avenida Rio Amazonas – Parque Bicentenario
Quito, Ecuador 170104

Note: The Online E-Directory will be available from August 9 (6pm) to August 28 (6pm) for Suppliers to create their “My Request List.” The E-Directory is accessible at If you do not have your username/password, please contact us immediately.

We look forward to seeing you and thank you for your continued support.

Important Deadlines
Supplier Services (Booth and Shipping Information)
Assignment of Space
Marketplace Activities
Contractual Considerations
Office Set-Up/Tear-Down
Facility Specifications
Supplier Personnel

Important Deadlines

September 1
Deadline to request Service Rental from Event Contractor

September 16
Exhibitor Shipments may begin arriving to the Convention Center

September 18
Deadline for exhibitor shipments to arrive at Convention Center

September 18
Supplier Set-Up (10am to 6pm)

September 19 & 20
Marketplace (Business Appointments)

Supplier Services

Contractor for Additional Services
The official contractor for Exhibitor Services for TravelMart LatinAmerica: TBA

All booths are 3 meters wide by 2 meters deep by 2.4 meters high. Each booth includes 1 table (2 tables for Suppliers with double appointment books), 4 chairs, and company sign with name and booth number.  Stands are made of hard panels, each being 1m each. CLICK HERE for a Sample Image of a stand.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above listed official Exhibitor Service contractor is the only contractor approved to build booths for TravelMart LatinAmerica at the Convention Center. If you have your own display, you MUST work directly with the Official Contractor to coordinate your needs.  Outside contractors will NOT be permitted to build booths.

For service(s) related directly to the building of your stand (images, plants, furniture rental, spacial displays, etc..), please contact:

Booth Contractor Name: TBA
Contact Person: TBA
Email: TBA
Tel: TBA
For a Sample Booths/Imaging – CLICK HERE  (NOTE: For Assignment location of stand contact William H. Coleman, Inc.)
For Rental/Additional Service Pricing List – CLICK HERE (available soon)

Make sure to identify yourself as a Supplier attending TravelMart LatinAmerica when contacting the Booth Contractor.
If you have any problems receiving a response please contact Sandra Ibarra at E Mail.

Please remember that your Supplier Registration ID is NOT your Booth Number.

The Booth Contractor cannot provide you your booth number or a copy of the Floor Plan. That information is only available “on-site” or by contacting our office after September 10th.

***If you are requesting a quotation for a special stand or image designs for your stand, our suggestion is to request a quote based on an inside stand (with 7 panels) instead of a corner stands (with 5 panels). You can then contact Sandra Ibarra in August to determine if you have a corner or inside stand.

All additional services or materials supplied by official contractors will be billed directly by the contractor to the Supplier. WHC, Inc. does not assume liability or responsibility for any act performed by the official contractor.

Shipping Materials to TMLA
Custom Clearance: Please contact a local broker for assistance. Please be advised that some countries have STRICT Customs procedures. It is recommend to use a broker if you are bringing a lot of material.

Send materials with a complete list of every item including the Registered Supplier Company Name, name of the person responsible, complete address and passport number, and ship with $0 value declared for customs purposes.

Direct Shipments to your hotel
Unless your package is arriving September 19 or 20 we recommend that you send packages directly to the Hotel where you are staying. Please contact your hotel for specific Shipping instructions. We suggest that you ask your hotel the best way to ship and ship with $0 value declared for customs purposes.

For packages arriving on September 18-20, you can address them to Convention Center or your hotel. The Convention Center cannot accept any shipments prior to September 18. The address to the convention center and contact person is as follows:
Centro de Convenciones Metropolitano Quito (CCMQ)
Avenida Rio Amazonas – Parque Bicentenario
Quito, Ecuador 170104


Assignment of Space

All participants are entitled to cancel their registration, in writing, prior to the 90th (ninetieth) day preceding the event, and are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Thereafter all registration fees paid, and/or owed, will be deemed non cancelable and non refundable.

Space Assignment
Suppliers will be notified of their office space assignment upon receipt of their registration materials.

Marketplace Hours
Thursday, September 19, from 8:45am-6:30pm
Friday, September 20, from 8:45am-5:20pm

Subletting/Sharing Space
Suppliers shall not assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any portion of the assigned space. Two or more affiliated companies may not meet in a single space without the specific approval, in advance, of Coleman, Inc. Violation of this rule shall be cause for removal from the Marketplace.

Relocation of Offices
Coleman, Inc. shall have the right to prohibit, bar, prevent and remove any office or proposed office, or any part or portion thereof, which in the judgement of Coleman, Inc. is unsuitable, or inappropriate for the Marketplace. Such right shall extend, but shall not be limited to all equipment, materials, displays, installations and other items or things constituting part of, or used, or distributed in connection with such. Offices will not be relocated on-site unless a Supplier is requesting additional space and it is available.

Solicitation by Non-Registered Suppliers
Firms and representatives of firms not assigned space are prohibited from soliciting business in any form in the Marketplace.

Marketplace Activities

Distribution of Printed Materials
Distribution of materials printed by Suppliers or its agents is limited to the area rented by the Supplier in the Marketplace. Flyers or other printed material may not be delivered to hotel rooms without the advance written permission of Coleman, Inc.

Smoking Policy
Smoking is not permitted in the Marketplace or any other designated meeting rooms.

Contractual Considerations

Each party involved in TravelMart LatinAmerica, i.e., Supplier, agrees to be responsible for any claims arising out of its own negligence or that of its employees or agents.

It is understood that William H. Coleman, Inc. (WHC), Convention Center, and their agents shall have no liability for injury to any persons or for loss of and/or damage to, goods or property of Suppliers prior to, subsequent to, during the time of the show and move-out, and the Supplier expressly releases WHC, Convention Center, and their agents against all claims which may be caused or contributed to by the Supplier or any person acting in behalf of, or otherwise representing the Supplier.

Office Set-Up/Tear-Down

Offices may be set up during the following hours:
Wednesday, September 18, from 10:00am-6:00pm

All offices must be set up by:
9:20am Thursday, September 19

Offices must be continually staffed during the entire Marketplace and must remain intact until 5:00pm, Friday, September 20.

All materials must be cleared out of the Marketplace area no later than Friday, September 20 at 8:00pm. Please be courteous to your colleagues and do not tear-down early.

Facility Specifications

Care of Building
Suppliers will be responsible for any damage to the building caused by them, their agents, or employers. All property damaged by the Supplier must be replaced to its original condition at the Supplier’s expense. Walls, woodwork and floor of the building must not be defaced or altered in any manner. Tacking, taping or nailing of signs and banners to any permanent walls, posts, woodwork, floors or beyond the limits of any office space is not permitted.

Helium Balloons
Air balloons and helium balloons are permitted, provided they are kept within the perimeter of the rented office space. Balloon arches which extend beyond the office space are not permitted.

Music of any type is not permitted without the prior written consent of Coleman, Inc.

Security Service
Coleman, Inc. will provide overnight security inside the Marketplace area prior to and during the show, but neither the management of the WHC INC., Convention Center, or their agents will be responsible for any personal injury to the Supplier, its agents, or for the safety of offices against robbery, damage by fire, accidents, or other causes. The Supplier is urged to take all steps, measures and precautions as may be necessary to protect itself, its agents, representatives, employers and guests, as well as its offices, displays, and property, against all possible injury, damage loss and destructions, prior to and during the show and during move-in and move-out.

No signs or banners are to be placed outside of the office space assigned to each Supplier. Coleman, Inc. will provide hanging signs to identify each office and aisle. Hand-written signs are not permitted.

Sound Restrictions
Videotapes and films may be shown provided that screens and receivers are placed in the rear of the office to eliminate congestion in the aisles and the sound is at a continuous low level. Coleman, Inc. reserves the right to determine at what point the sound level constitutes interference with others and must be discontinued.

Supplier Personnel

Admission of Guests
Only registered delegates are permitted to attend the Marketplace. *Absolutely no children will be permitted inside the Marketplace.

After Hours Admission
Suppliers wearing badges may enter the Marketplace one hour before the opening of the Marketplace and may remain in the Marketplace one hour after the end of business appointments each day.

Each delegate attending the show will be required to register and wear a badge. Security will be located at the entrance to the Marketplace to check for badges. Any transfer or unauthorized use of such badge is prohibited and will bar all involved from participating at he current and future Coleman, Inc. programs. Delegate may be subject show show photo identification.

Credentials Claiming Hours
Credentials Claiming will be located at Convention Center during the following hours:
Wednesday, September 18, 10:00am-6:00pm
Thursday, September 19, 8:00am-6:30pm


Hotel Reservations
For more information regarding hotel accommodations, please access the Hotel Information by clicking here

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