D is for Dine, Dance, and Dollar

DINE AROUND QUITO — on Ecuadorian cuisine: Top suggestions from Ecuador’s delegates to TMLA in 2013 were—in order of popularity for traditional dining:  La Choza,  Rincon la Ronda, Mi Cocina (tied with) Lo Nuestro.   Or try this new restaurant recently recommended by a TMLA Buyer – Terra Restaurante. Then of course we’re in the land of street-food feasting, Ecuadorian dishes like fried empanadas, crisp pork hornado and rich tripe stew, served up in modern kiosks and handy seats in Parque Navarro in La Floresta.

DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY at:  La Juliana, Lavoe Salsa Bar, Hal-Ku.

The U.S. Dollar is the official currency, for which U.S. visitors quietly say thank you Ecuador.

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