E is for Evita Peron

Evita Peron, beloved and controversial former first lady of Argentina, is the super-star of two attractions in Buenos Aires: Her much-visited, family Duarte crypt, burial site is in the Recoleta Cemetery, where loyal Peronistas keep her tomb appointed with flowers and hold vigils on the anniversary of her death. Visitors can be sure to find it when guided by local volunteers who run cemetery tours (offered in English). Museo Evita, is housed in an aristocratic residence that Juan Peron expropriated; he converted it into shelter for his wife’s women’s shelter. Painting and posters are displayed alongside the outfits that Eva wore on tours to Europe; among the memorabilia is her libreta civica (ID card) # 0.000.001. You may find that, better than the museum itself is museum’s restaurant, set in an adjacent picture-perfect courtyard.

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