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Buenos Aires is one of the world’s most interesting, exciting, and diverse travel destinations — indeed an urban delight, chockablock full of good times and special experiences.  In a celebratory salute to the Host City for TravelMart LatinAmerica 2018, TMLA and travel industry journalist Carla Hunt have prepared what we hope you’ll find to be a tasty and useful alphabetic potpourri of travel planning “ingredients,” designed to give TMLA Buyers, Suppliers, and Sponsors an in-depth, although perhaps personal, look at why legions of saavy travelers say: “It’s Better in B.A.”

So, kicking off our Experience B.A. – A to Z is our first entry A-ArtsTalk, to be followed by — you guessed it — 25 more.  Enjoy!

A is for ArtsTalk

♦ Because it’s a city with a rich artistic heritage and a thriving cultural life, Buenos Aires, Art Basel chose Buenos…

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B is for Biking B.A.

Biking B.A. is all the rage, inviting visitors to pedal around Palermo’s parks and on designated bike lanes. The city…

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C is for Cafes and Confiterias

Cafes & Confiterias cater to Porteno customs of coffee in the morning and afternoon high tea, often also offering meal…

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D is for Dance

Dance, of course, is all about The Tango, which in all its complexity and sensuality, has become the global icon…

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E is for Evita Peron

Evita Peron, beloved and controversial former first lady of Argentina, is the super-star of two attractions in Buenos Aires: Her…

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F is for Ferias and Futbol

Ferias/outdoor markets, held in different neighborhoods on weekends, are good places not only to shop but to mix with the…

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G is for Gaucho and Great Gardens

Gaucho culture comes to Buenos Aires during the Feria de Matadores, when these Argentine cowboys come from the countryside with…

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H is for Hippodromo Argentino

Hippodromo Argentino in Palermo is Argentina’s main race course is definitely worth a visit, particularly for horse racing fans, but…

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I is for Incentive Travel

Incentive travel to B.A.: Si!  Well endowed with experienced DMCs, plus an inventory of luxury and superior hotels, Buenos Aires…

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J is for Jacaranda Trees

Jacaranda time comes in springtime in Argentina, and in October and November, Jacaranda trees blossom and paint the whole city…

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K is for Kids

Kids will not be bored in B.A.  For kid-friendly attractions outdoors, head for the Zoo de Buenos Aires, a 43-acre…

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L is for La Rural and La Boca

La Rural, founded in 1878, is Argentina’s biggest country fair and one of the most important agriculture and livestock fairs…

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