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V is for Vegetarian dining

When TMLA 2013 delegates cast votes for best VEGETARIAN DINING in Quito, the top-rated was El Maple in LaMariscal, attractive restaurant with a Spanish book library and art on the walls, whose menu includes veggie burgers and chorizo sausage, soy steak, potato cakes, banana splits; refreshing are the fruit smoothies and craft beers. Newish to the veggie scene and in a league of its own (culinarywise and pricewise) is URKO, a farm-to-table spot and culinary trend-setter in La Floresta. Diners are invited to start the gastronomic  adventure — not one for meat-lovers — with a few dishes served on the rooftop herb-garden terrace, and continue along a tasting menu that creatively assembles updated and enhanced Ecuadorian specialties using ingredients gathered from nation’s four corners: Andes, Amazon, Coast, Galapagos.

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