W is for What’s Cooking and What’s Wild

What’s cooking in BA? On the stove, in the oven or on the barbecue grill, visitor enthusiasm continues to grow for booking a place in the city’s excellent cooking classes where they learn to prepare classic dishes of Argentine cuisine: empanadas, chimichurri sauce, escabeche, a rustic stew such as bean or veal, maybe barbecued meats or chicken or vegetables, and desserts such alfajores de dulce de leche. Many fine chefs offer cooking classes in their homes, often including pre-class shopping for ingredients at the local market, always including dining together to enjoy what’s been prepared and Argentina’s signature  Malbec wines. Classes are available mornings with lunch or afternoon with dinner. Buen provecho!

What’s wild in B.A.?  The Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve, an 890-acre wetland between Rio de la Plata and the Puerto Madero district, is the only place in the city inhabited by wild, native plants and animals. Three well-marked, interconnected paths meander past clusters of foxtail grass, towering Washingtonia palms, shade-providing chinaberry trees. Observation decks overlook the calm lagoons, and the silence is broken only by the singing of the chalk-browed mockingbird, one of 300 bird species found here, including the rufous hornero, the national bird. Sometimes giant Argentine tegu lizards and various turtles may be spied sunning themselves beside the trails. Cooler temperatures, fresh air and a bucolic vibe are a draw for bikers, walkers, joggers, borders, picnickers and yoga-mavens. (Credit The Guardian for this reserve’s information)

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