It’s all about results and value!

It’s all about results and value!

TravelMart LatinAmerica (TMLA) Buyers, Suppliers, and Sponsors tell us it’s all about the results and value.   Here are a few statistics from follow-up personal interviews and surveys about TMLA ’17 in Guayaquil, Ecuador:

  • 75% of the Suppliers tell us their TMLA ’17 experience was “Excellent” and “Good.”
  • Almost ALL the Buyers, 96%, rate their experience “Excellent” and “Good.”
  • 96% of the Buyers also tell us TMLA’17 was “very productive” and “productive.”
  • Almost ALL the Suppliers, 93%, rate the Buyers’ “professionalism” and “quality” “Excellent” and “Good.”
  • ALL the Buyers, 100% of them, report the Suppliers’ “professionalism” and “quality” are “Excellent” and “Good.”
  • 88 % of the Suppliers and 84% of the Buyers use our exclusive “SelectMatch” Pre-Scheduled Appointments System to make the most of their TMLA ’17

If you would like more details about how TravelMart LatinAmerica (TMLA) continues to provide results and value, and how being a TMLA Buyer, Supplier, or Sponsor can help you make the most of your business development efforts, email Discover how and why TMLA continues to be the premier business development event for Latin America Tourism.

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