Suppliers: “Why Didn’t I Get All My Appointments?!”

Suppliers: “Why Didn’t I Get All My Appointments?!”

Occasionally we get this question from TravelMart LatinAmerica (TMLA) Suppliers! Not often, but every once in a while. The TMLA “Select Match” pre-scheduled appointments system is constantly refined and updated; there isn’t another system like it. Anywhere. But mistakes can and do happen, but usually Suppliers’ disappointment in their appointments schedule happens because of a few misunderstandings:

  1. Select-Match schedules “Perfect Match” appointments first when Buyers and Suppliers request to see each. These are the most productive business opportunities, and “Perfect Match” appointments can sometimes take up to half the available appointment times. (This is one reason why TMLA is valuable and productive every year.)
  2. “Supplier Only” requests are never scheduled. We know from over forty (40) years of experience that these might look good at first, but 99 to 100% of the time Buyers are “no-shows” for these Supplier Only requests.
  3. After “Perfect Match” appointments are scheduled, Select Match schedules “Buyer Only” requests. TMLA does not have “Hosted Buyers;” every Buyer pays a Registration Fee and arranges their own air transportation. Their appointments requests represent potential new business, and receive priority.
  4. Buyers’ schedules get full early, that’s one reason why it’s important to register and submit requests early.
  5. TMLA Suppliers must be aggressive and “tell/sell” their “story” to Buyers during the Appointments Scheduling process. Personal sales contacts with potential clients using email, social media, and yes….the telephone asking Buyers to request an appointment with them are critical. The TravelMart LatinAmerica systems and format provide the structure and opportunities, but TMLA can’t take the place of marketing, promotion, and personal sales efforts!

So, what can Suppliers do who are disappointed with their pre-scheduled appointments? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Email to request information and assistance.
  2. Send personal emails to the Buyers you want to see asking them to meet you “on-site” during Working Lunches, Social Events, at the Café, or during any “open” time. (Detailed Buyer contact information is available 24/7 in the Directory at
  3. Carefully study the detailed Appointments Requests Reports in the “Appointments Schedule & Meeting Guide” workbook when you claim your name badge and other information at TMLA Check-In. These reports will explain exactly what happened to each and every one of your appointments requests.
  4. Work hard during TMLA to find and see the Buyers that were not scheduled.

The TravelMart LatinAmerica format, systems, and procedures provide a professional and personal environment where Suppliers can get results and value. But Suppliers have to do their part to make it all happen, and to avoid the “Why didn’t I get all my appointments” disappointment.

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