September 2018

Z is for Zanjon de Granados and more

Zanjon de Granados gives visitors a chance to explore an urban archaeological site that packs Buenos Aires history into one unusual house. Guided tours of the villa take you through a 500-foot network of tunnels once used to channel water into the beautifully restored residence that incorporates three centuries of urban living including a wall […]

Y is for Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is a tropical plant that was used by the Guarani and Guaycuru people long before the arrival of the Europeans. Most commonly its dried stems and leaves are combined with hot (not boiling) water to make an energy-packed infusion which is served in a round uncovered gourd called a mate (pronounced “mah-tay”) and […]

X is for X Marks the Spot

X marks the spot that we have to leave blank; we could think of nothing of commanding TMLA delegate interest starting with the letter “X.”   However, we welcome your suggestions.  Send your thoughts to or past by the check-in desk at TMLA Buenos Aires to chat!

W is for What’s Cooking and What’s Wild

What’s cooking in BA? On the stove, in the oven or on the barbecue grill, visitor enthusiasm continues to grow for booking a place in the city’s excellent cooking classes where they learn to prepare classic dishes of Argentine cuisine: empanadas, chimichurri sauce, escabeche, a rustic stew such as bean or veal, maybe barbecued meats […]

V is for Vinos

Vinos y Bodegas Feria provides an excellent and festive occasion to celebrate wine and the best chance to drink your way through Argentina’s finest full-bodied reds and fruity whites during this wine-lovers fiesta (held May 15-17 in 2018).   Held at La Rural, this don’t-miss event for wine aficionados offers vintages from over 100 bodegas (wineries/caves), […]

U is for Uruguay

Uruguay beckons just across the Rio de la Plata, accessible by a short boat trip aboard the Buquebus hydrofoil:  at least two fast crossings (1 hour) a day or 2 slow ferries (3 hours) to Colonia del Sacramento, plus two fast Burquebus crossings daily (3 hours) to Montevideo. They say that little Uruguay looks, tastes […]

T is for Tigre Delta

Tigre Delta, less than an hour by train from Buenos Aires, is a watery world of islands and little rivers, and if biking B.A. is the hot new action tour, kayaking the Delta is capturing the fancy of travelers to Tigre.  And why not, for exploring by kayak is site appropriate: paddling under overhanging willow […]

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