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J is for Jardin Botanico, Jogging, and Jacchigua

♦ JARDIN BOTANICO, covering 3.2 acres and designed to showcase Ecuador’s incredible variety of  Andean ecosystems and habitats, is also located in Parque La Carolina.  Here visitors are guided through wetlands, cloud forests, high-altitude moorlands and drive forest, alive with…

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H is for Holy Places and Hop On/Off Bus

♦ HOLY PLACES, LESS VISITED:  Once you have delighted in seeing the city’s grandest churches, La Compania de Jesus and San Francisco, head for the Metropolitan Cathedral; visit a particular joy from the 18th century, the Church and Monastery of…

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G is for Getting to High Places in Quito

♦ GETTING TO HIGH PLACES: Top viewpoints for Quito The Teleferiqo aerial tram rides begins on the city’s western fringes, climbing the flanks of the massive Pichincha Volcano from 3,000 up to 4,000 meters. On a clear day, the panorama…

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