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Just Thinking…. Random thoughts from our Company Founder. (#1)

Just thinking….

Random thoughts from our Company Founder. (#1)

Just thinking about Trade Shows….and how there are so many of them!

This is not a trip down memory lane to the “good old days.”  It’s more a commentary on how many opportunities there are today for the Travel Industry to “get together.”  The number of trade shows, seminars, road shows, and internet “webinars” continues to multiply at a time when we are told by “experts” that folks today prefer to communicate by smart-phones, email, texts, and social media.  What is happening?  What does it mean to those of us in the “trade show business?”

After talking with Delegates who attend our Events, it seems to me that there is still a desire and a need for the professionals who make buying and selling decisions to personally sit down and talk to each other “face to face.” Basic facts, figures, and statistics are available 24/7 on web sites and social media.  The challenge for today’s Travel Industry professionals is to “go behind” the web sites, texts, and emails to develop new and long lasting business relationships that are built on solid information and mutual trust.  There is a lot at stake. Money and reputations are on the line!

I wonder if the bigger challenge for our Industry is how to help Owners, Managers, and Sales & Marketing Executives decide what “shows” will help them best achieve their business goals?  There are a lot of moving parts to consider; registration fees, travel expenses, event format, time of year, who attends, and prior experiences.  It must be difficult for these “Decision Makers” to make a “go or no-go” decision.

I think focusing on an event’s results and value can simplify the decision.  Can I meet the right people for my business?  Have I had good results in the past?  Is my Return on Investment (ROI) on target?  Do the Event Organizers “care about” me and my success?  Is it an enjoyable as well as a valuable experience?

I think the number of opportunities to “get together” will continue to increase in spite of the digital world expansion.  The events that provide real value and results will continue to thrive in this challenging environment.

That’s what I think.
Bill Coleman

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