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F is for Ferias and Futbol

Ferias/outdoor markets, held in different neighborhoods on weekends, are good places not only to shop but to mix with the Portenos. ♦  Feria de San Pedro Telmo is a Sunday must-do. Stretching along cobbled Calle Defensa at least a dozen…

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E is for Evita Peron

Evita Peron, beloved and controversial former first lady of Argentina, is the super-star of two attractions in Buenos Aires: Her much-visited, family Duarte crypt, burial site is in the Recoleta Cemetery, where loyal Peronistas keep her tomb appointed with flowers…

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D is for Dance

Dance, of course, is all about The Tango, which in all its complexity and sensuality, has become the global icon for Buenos Aires. We can debate where best to see a tango show, but this observer’s vote goes to tango…

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C is for Cafes and Confiterias

Cafes & Confiterias cater to Porteno customs of coffee in the morning and afternoon high tea, often also offering meal menus. There’s a small group of cafes, all dating back to the Belle Epoque era of 19th century Buenos Aires,…

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B is for Biking B.A.

Biking B.A. is all the rage, inviting visitors to pedal around Palermo’s parks and on designated bike lanes. The city has expanded its 80-mile network of interconnected bike paths and installed a relatively new bike/share system. The Sunday street art…

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